[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 confusion

Jon Ribbens jon+mailman at unequivocal.eu
Mon Jun 19 22:30:35 EDT 2017

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 06:53:37PM -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> It means Postorius (postorius), HyperKitty (mailman-hyperkitty) and
> therefore the supporting project modules they import, mailmanclient and
> django-mailman3 all require Python 2.7. Not 'at least' Python 2.7, but
> some 2.7.x.
> Python 2.7 and Python 3 are significantly different. Programs can be
> bilingual, but not all of Postorius, HyperKitty and their dependencies
> are fully Python 3 compatible yet.
> This means you need Python 3.4 or later for Mailman core and Python
> 2.7.x for Postorius and HyperKitty. These are quite capable of
> coexisting on the same box and that is probably what you want, but it is
> possible to run Postorius and HyperKitty on a separate box, but there
> are potential security issues involved in exposing the core's REST
> interface beyond 'localhost'.

This is all true, but personally I can't see any likelihood of
any noticeable uptake of Mailman 3 until it will all run on one
version of Python.

Having said that, if there's any specific help needed to achieve that
then I'm potentially willing to put some work in.

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