[Mailman-Users] New list's SMTP failures

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Nov 1 16:43:32 EDT 2017

On 11/01/2017 12:35 PM, Nick Wyman wrote:
> Emailing mailman-owner at mydomain.com has not worked.  The mailman list has valid owner config, but has no members.

What happens to this mail. Can you see it in mail logs? It should be
delivered via a pipe to '/path/to/mail/mailman owner mailman' and then
Mailman should resend it to the list owner address(es).

How is mail to Mailman delivered? If via aliases, are there aliases for
the 'mailman' list?

> Unfortunately, the original spam email has cleared from the mail spool.  However, I feel certain that the To: address was mailman at mydomain.com.  There were several CC: addresses which are stuck in the queue.  This was truly a spam email.

Spam or not, it shouldn't result in Mailman sending mail with envelope
from mailman-bounces at com.

What is the content of mm_cfg.py? In particular, is there an entry like


or some entry like


If so, these are probably wrong and the underlying cause. I.e. the
arguments for add_virtual_host are 'web host' and 'email host' but if
only one is provided, the email host becomes the web host with the
leftmost subdomain removed. I.e.


is equivalent to

add_virtualhost('mydomain.com', 'com')

which is never what you want. If both domains are the same, you want

add_virtualhost('mydomain.com', 'mydomain.com')

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