[Mailman-Users] bulk subscribe 7K users

Dimitri Maziuk dmaziuk at bmrb.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 2 10:58:35 EDT 2017

On 2017-10-01 17:50, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On October 1, 2017 3:34:29 PM PDT, Dimitri Maziuk <dmaziuk at bmrb.wisc.edu> wrote:

>> So I don't get it, are you saying that is *was* aborted after the CGI
>> timed out?
> Yes.

OK, thanks. Now I get to draft 3,500 apologies and then resubscribe 
everyone except the couple of people who replied with "please stop".

PS there is nothing except postfix, spamd, mailman, and apache serving 
mailman's interface running on this server. It' running at load avg of 
0.0 on 24 cores in 128GB of RAM. AFAICT the only reason for the software 
to croak on the list that size is its own coding.


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