[Mailman-Users] Mail Delivery

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Oct 17 22:18:00 EDT 2017

At 08:23 PM 10/17/2017, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>On 10/17/2017 05:32 PM, David Andrews wrote: > 
>At one time I set > Reply-To: header munging > 
>under general settings to Yes. Some of my users 
>used a screen reader > that balked unless the 
>header was munged, for some reason.  Well 
>that > software has gone away, and ISP's are 
>much pickier these days, with MARC > and dkim 
>and SPF etc. Would this setting cause me 
>delivery problems ?? > Should I go back and 
>change it on older lists. I no longer set it 
>to > yes, leave it at no, its default. By "set 
>Reply-To: header munging under general settings 
>to Yes" I assume you mean reply_goes_to_list = 
>This List, but I'm not sure what you're asking. 
>Reply-To: header munging is controversial and is 
>a religious war. Mailman developers think it 
>shouldn't be done, but many think it should be 
>which is why the option exists. I am not aware 
>of message delivery issues one way or the other, 
>but there is an issue with Thunderbird and 
>possibly other MUAs. Recent T'bird has changed 
>so that if you are looking at a list post with a 
>Reply-To: to the list and you do a simple reply 
>or control-R, the reply will be addressed to the 
>From: and not the list. More recent T'bird has a 
>config editor option to restore the old 
>behavior, but it's not the default. See these 
>threads for all the gory details: 
>-- Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>        The 
>highway is for gamblers, San Francisco Bay Area, California

I didn't mean "reply goes to list" but you 
answered my question, as usual!  Thanks!


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