[Mailman-Users] integrating mm3 with postfix / lmtp

Fabian A. Santiago fsantiago at garbage-juice.com
Wed Oct 25 16:10:25 EDT 2017


I have mm3 up and running via docker (courtesy of maxking/docker-mailman) but when i send an email to my test list, it bounces back claiming user unknown. it states:

<"lmtp:[]:8024"@>: unknown user:

looking at the email source, it seems as though the message is trying to be delivered to:

Final-Recipient: rfc822; "lmtp:[]:8024"@<my email server's FQDN>
Original-Recipient: rfc822;test123@<my list's email domain>

all of various alias transport maps are defined in postfix's main.cf. not sure where to go from here. does anyone have any clues?



Fabian S.

OpenPGP: 3C3FA072ACCB7AC5DB0F723455502B0EEB9070FC

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