[Mailman-Users] two problems with Mailman 2.1

Dave Stevens geek at uniserve.com
Thu Feb 1 15:41:03 EST 2018

I?m having a couple of problems with a Mailman 2.1 list.

I want to add several addresses as new subscribers so as a first step  
I added one of them using the mass subscription facility in membership  
management. Mailman accepted the data but when I subsequently checked  
the subscriber list it wasn?t there. This has been the case for two  
days now.

Today I checked manually that the recipient address was in fact  
working and decided to resubscribe using the same method. I enter the  
data in the text box (I?ve done this several times) then click on the  
"submit your changes" button below and get this message, ?Error: The  
form lifetime has expired. (request forgery check)?

This happens without any special delay on my part, not more than a few  
minutes. Please advise.


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