[Mailman-Users] two problems with Mailman 2.1

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 1 18:12:44 EST 2018

On 02/01/2018 12:41 PM, Dave Stevens wrote:
> I?m having a couple of problems with a Mailman 2.1 list.
> I want to add several addresses as new subscribers so as a first step I
> added one of them using the mass subscription facility in membership
> management. Mailman accepted the data but when I subsequently checked
> the subscriber list it wasn?t there. This has been the case for two days
> now.

When you submitted the mass subscribe form the first time, did you get a
response with a message at the top saying "successfully subscribed" or
did it say something else.

> Today I checked manually that the recipient address was in fact working
> and decided to resubscribe using the same method. I enter the data in
> the text box (I?ve done this several times) then click on the "submit
> your changes" button below and get this message, ?Error: The form
> lifetime has expired. (request forgery check)?
> This happens without any special delay on my part, not more than a few
> minutes. Please advise.

You need to first get the form and then submit it within whatever the
FORM_LIFETIME setting is in your installation. The default is one hour
but could be different in your installation.

I suspect the issue is something else. I don't know what the issue might
be, but one thing to check is to look at the HTML source of the
admin/LIST_NAME/members/add page in your browser. The FORM tag in that
source should be

<FORM action="../../../admin/LIST_NAME/members/add" method="POST"

If instead it is something like

<FORM action="http://example.com/mailman/admin/gpc-talk/members/add"
method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

And the URL in the address bar is different, i.e. a different domain or
a different scheme (like https vs http) that might be an issue.

Is this your Mailman installation or a hosted installation?

Do other 'admin' and 'admindb' pages work? I.e. if you change something
on the admin General Options page and submit, does it work or produce
the same form lifetime error?

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