[Mailman-Users] preserve html and allow attachements

Tammy Mitchell info at ripandrevmedia.ca
Mon Feb 26 17:49:57 EST 2018

Hi, I've been reading posts I find through google searches to try to 
solve this. I can't seem to find the correct settings.

-I'm trying to allow html email, with attachments of photos and .pdfs.
-I'd also like my archives to look like the email people get. Right now 
it looks like text with code. The html is staying raw, filled with the 
code, it is not rendering properly. My attachements are still all being 
-I guess I'd like the archive messages to show as rendered html, with a 
link to any attachments that were included in the mail.
-I would like the default view of my archives to be set to Thread.

I've gotten this far:

I am allowing html email to go to my list and that is working well.
Last week, I had it working so attachments would go with the email. That 
was working. It is not now, since I made the changes described below:

Today I read instructions, on this page, and changed the settings as 
advised here.

Changed the settings as described in that link. I thought it would allow 
my archives to look like rendered html.
- also now my attachments are not being sent with the email messages as 
they had been.

I'm in a plesk environment so I don't have access to the mail Mailman 
files. I might be able to ask my administrator if he'd change some files 
if needed.

My archives are at:

Do you suggest the easiest thing for me to do, would be to set my own 
list up at:

Also, should I be asking my server admin to upgrade me to Mailman 3.x at 
this time, since my list is new. How hard would that be for him to 
install, and keep up to date in the Plesk environment?

I thank you in advance.

Tammy Mitchell

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