[Mailman-Users] spam filter setting to hold makes sender filters useless

Christoph Groth christoph at grothesque.org
Fri Jul 6 04:44:46 EDT 2018


In the mailing list that I administrate I've set a spam filter rule that
rejects all mail that matches the header

    X-Spam-Level: \*{5,}

Any messages that match

    X-Spam-Level: \*{2,}

are set on hold.  We do this in order to avoid rejecting legitimate

However this causes problems with addresses on the
discard_these_nonmembers list (that is populated by the mailman
message-on-hold page).  If a message arrives that is set on hold due to
the second spam filter rule, it won't be checked against
discard_these_nonmembers, and the list admins are annoyed by it being
put on hold.

The only solution that I see is to manually create spam filter rules for
the most notorious names on the discard_these_nonmembers list.  Is there
a better way to keep graded response to spam and at the same time use


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