[Mailman-Users] Fail2ban on the Mailman web interface

Henrique Fagundes suporte at aprendendolinux.com
Sun Jun 3 13:44:17 EDT 2018


Where should I put this file?
First I put it in "/ etc / mailman", and it did not work.

Then I tried to add the contents of it to the file 
"/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Utils.py" also did not work.

I use Mailman in version 2.1.23, installed in Debian 9 through "apt-get".

I'll be grateful if you can help.


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Em 03/06/2018 14:04, Jim Popovitch via Mailman-Users escreveu:
> On Sun, 2018-06-03 at 13:52 -0300, Henrique Fagundes wrote:
>> Dear Colleagues,
>> Good afternoon!
>> I begin by apologizing for the fact that this text is difficult to
>> interpret because I am Brazilian and I do not have many English
>> language
>> skills.
>> I'm having a hard time using Fail2Ban along with MailMan mailing
>> list
>> management software.
>> My idea is that when the attacker / attacker incorrectly enters the
>> password of the login field in the web interface, it is blocked. But
>> for
>> this to work, it is necessary for MailMan to report unsuccessful
>> login
>> attempts in its log.
>> I have already checked to see if there is a plugin or extension
>> (just
>> like it exists for Wordpress and PHPMyAdmin), but it seems like there
>> is
>> nothing developed for this.
>> So I would like to know if anyone has ever had the need to do this
>> implementation, so I can have some way.
>> If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful.
> Hello,
> I use the attached patch for Mailman/Utils.py to log the listname and
> remoteIP to the mischief log.
> Mark, if you think this should be in the regular release let me know
> and I'll submit a merge request.
> -Jim P.
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