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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 3 20:19:33 EDT 2018

On 06/03/2018 04:28 PM, Mark Dale wrote:
>> I use this regexp in the GLOBAL_BAN_LIST
>> ^[0-9a-z.]{8,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com$
> I'm getting errors with the above however it seems to do the job 
> if I enclose it in quotes and remove the trailing $ - like so:
> GLOBAL_BAN_LIST = ['^[0-9a-z.]{6,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com']

What you have done is correct. I don't know why you would have needed to
remove the '$'. Did you get an error and if so, what?.

The regexp I gave was just intended to be an example regexp. The
BAN_LIST is actually a list of strings so regexps in the BAN_LIST have
to be quoted and enclosed in [] and comma separated if more than one.

Also, it doesn't matter in this case because \+ and \. are not
meaningful string metacharacters, but it never hurts to define them as
raw strings like, e.g.,

GLOBAL_BAN_LIST = [r'^[0-9a-z.]{8,}\+[0-9a-z]{4,}@gmail\.com$']

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