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Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Tue May 15 05:08:05 EDT 2018

Bernd Petrovitsch [bernd at petrovitsch.priv.at] wrote:

>On Mon, 2018-05-14 at 12:33 +0000, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
>> These are just rough notes:
>> - Archive purge requests. We have discussed the same items as on the
>> list to date.  I am looking at doing a simple grep for the relevant
>> person's details and changing that.  The main reason for doing this
>> is that if we just remove the author's messages they will be in a
>> thread of other messages and our users typically don't remove quoted
>> material.  Current advice from the GDPR people is we may have to
>> delete the whole thread.  Still under discussion, this is also

>While at it, why not delete the entire archive just to be sure? SCNR

That is something we haven't ruled out just yet!

>And to be honest: If person X fullquotes and the email ends in an
>archive, who's fault is it?

The last archive removal request I had a few weeks ago stemmed from one of the subscribers posting a private message about an event and it had the original poster's mobile number in it as well as contact details for the event.  There was a large thread about this event, and everyone used top posting.  The original author contacted us after having been informed they found the event invitation from our website, and were not happy.  What do I redact or remove in this instance?

- The whole thread;
- Personal details about the original poster and the event who had not consented to having their email posted to the mailing list;
- Anything else?

In the end I removed the phone numbers, her personal address and the Eventbright links from *all* messages, including some messages from other people where they had re-echoed the Eventbright links as part of their conversation to help other people.  She wasn't very happy, but worse is the person who forwarded it to the mailing list refused to understand what they had really done and believed they had the right to send the post anywhere as they believed it was in the public domain.

Just an example of the type of stuff that I may get asked to remove in future.


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