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Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Tue May 15 14:51:22 EDT 2018

On 05/15/2018 03:08 AM, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> What do I redact or remove in this instance?
> - Personal details about the original poster and the event who had not 
> consented to having their email posted to the mailing list;

I would likely have (presuming sufficient motivation):

1)  Get mailman into a state that I can safely modify the archive.
2)  Run a script (likely sed) to REDACT the contents.
       sed -i$ticketID 's/phone number/REDACTED/g;s/Eventbright 
3)  Restarted Mailman and possibly web server serving the archive.
     (Or otherwise flushed caches.)

I quite like "REDACTED" as it shows that there was something, and that 
it was removed, but it does not show what that something was.

> In the end I removed the phone numbers, her personal address and the 
> Eventbright links from all messages, including some messages from other 
> people where they had re-echoed the Eventbright links as part of their 
> conversation to help other people.

Fair enough.

> She wasn't very happy,

I doubt there was much more that you could have done.  She's free to be 
upset.  But she shouldn't be upset with you.  You did her a favor that I 
don't think you were strictly compelled to do.

> but worse is the person who forwarded it to the mailing list refused to 
> understand what they had really done and believed they had the right to 
> send the post anywhere as they believed it was in the public domain.


I don't know what to say there.

I feel like that's between her and the event owner / organizer.

> Just an example of the type of stuff that I may get asked to remove 
> in future.

IMHO that is not unexpected, if not somewhat typical.

Grant. . . .
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