[Mailman-Users] analytics tool for mailman?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Thu May 24 17:06:31 EDT 2018

Jeffrey Westgate wrote:
> I have a list-owner asking if there is a way for us to provide him " list analytics like number of posts over time, new members over time, etc? "  
> I don' know of any, or how that would even work.... except for a horrible stroll through the archive...
> anybody got any tools that do analytics?

I'd suggest delay & care in answering/ offering some mail list owner
who just now wants extra analytics from Mailman, real bad timing !

GDPR law hits Europe in 1 hour if CET or 2 maybe in BST, & 
Many people in major through tiny companies & orgs (way beyond
a few of us Mailman admins) are freaking about that, & that law
was [presumably] triggered by misuse of analytics.

IMO (I'm not a Mailman developer), developers can of course
choose what they spend their free time on, but ...

Rather than spending time considering extra analytics capabilities,
right now I think list admins in Europe but maybe beyond too, seeing
trouble coming, might more appreciate tools / docs / scripts /
HowTos whatever, that might make it easier to deal with GDPR demands
to manipulate lists & archives (eg in scenarios others have already

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