[Mailman-Users] analytics tool for mailman?

tlhackque tlhackque at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 12:50:57 EDT 2018

On 24-May-18 17:06, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> who just now wants extra analytics from Mailman, real bad timing !
> GDPR law hits Europe in 1 hour if CET or 2 maybe in BST, & 
> Many people in major through tiny companies & orgs (way beyond
> a few of us Mailman admins) are freaking about that, & that law
> was [presumably] triggered by misuse of analytics.
I hesitate to get into the GPDR discussion, as I have no qualifications
(and little interest) in that area.

However, GitLab's recent missives on the subject reference their new
terms of service, which

include the following snippets that may be of interest:

As part of my voluntary contribution to any GitLab code base, I
acknowledge and agree that my name and email address will become
embedded and part of the repository, which may be publicly available. I
understand the removal of this information would be impermissibly
destructive to the project and the interests of all those who
contribute, utilize, and benefit from it. Therefore, in consideration of
my participation in any project, I hereby waive any right to request any
erasure, removal, or rectification of this information under any
applicable privacy or other law and acknowledge and understand that
providing this information is a requirement under the agreement to
contribute to the GitLab project.

Please note that due to the open source nature of our products,
services, and community, we may retain limited personally-identifiable
information indefinitely. For example, if you provide your information
in connection with a blog post or comment, we may display that
information even if you have deleted your account as we do not
automatically delete community posts. Also, as described in our Terms of
Use, if you contribute to a GitLab project and provide your personal
information in connection with that contribution, that information
(including your name) will be embedded and publicly displayed with your
contribution and we will not be able to delete or erase it because doing
so would break the project code.

See https://about.gitlab.com/terms/ and https://about.gitlab.com/privacy/

I have no opinion on the wisdom or bases of GitLab's position.  As
mailing lists share some characteristics with their services, those who
have to deal with GPDR may wish to consider it in developing their own.

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