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Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Wed May 30 08:05:12 EDT 2018

The issue is that programmatically adding content to an HTML section is
problematic, as you need to parse and build up a rendering of the
content to figure out where you need to add the ew content. Just adding
it at the end can often end up with strange results.

On 5/30/18 6:44 AM, nikos wrote:
> Hello list.
> Christian unfortunately didn't work...
> Mark It have to be html message for commercial reasons.
> Thank you all for your answers.
> On 29/05/2018 7:24 μμ, Christian F Buser wrote:
>> Hello nikos. On Tue, 29 May 2018 16:49:13 +0300, you wrote:
>>>    Is possible to insert somehow a unsubscribe link inside the message
>>>    instead in footer?
>>>    After many tries I manage to put a direct link in footer, setting Full
>>>    Personalization ON first. The problem is that Outlook attach footer and
>>>    most users ignore it. So it could be useful to putt a link inside 
>>>    message.
>> I am not sure - but when I was young, I learnt that the standard separator for a footer in internet mail is "-- " (without the quotes, of course). 
>> Try changing that to - for example - "____________________" or "********************" and look how Outlook treats it then. 
>> Christian 

Richard Damon

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