[Mailman-Users] GDPR

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu May 31 03:31:54 EDT 2018

Grant Taylor via Mailman-Users writes:

 > > Some of these may be hidden (eg, Reply-To is normally not displayed; 
 > > I don't know offhand if it's in the mbox files).
 > Yes, Reply-To: is a standard header and included in mbox files.

"The" mbox files refers to what Mailman stores in archives, which are
accessible not only to admins but to 3rd parties in some
configurations.  I believe a lot of fields are cleaned out of those
files, just enough is kept to rebuild the archives.  But I'm not sure.

 > The technical implications of [full text search in markup] in and
 > of itself astound.

It's really not that hard.  The same technology that renders email to
the screen can be used to render it to a sequence of sentences each on
a single line.  It won't be 100% accurate, but there is that
"disproportionate" clause.  Do one extra thing the judge doesn't think
of herself and you're gold, I expect. :-)

 > But I think it's more the B2B selling of information that causes
 > more concern (to me) than what hackers do with it.

You're probably right about that.  I suspect GDPR is as much motivated
by kneecapping Google and Facebook in EU markets as it is by privacy. ;-)

 > > What does "verify" mean here?  The problematic address may have been 
 > > deleted or pwned, and not available to the person wanting redaction.
 > Technical complications.  :-D

Yeah, and this is a big one.  The more I think about it, the more I
think that this has the potential to be worse than DMCA takedowns.  I
hope the EU lawmakers considered that aspect, and there are provisions
to require identification of people requesting various remedies under


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