[Mailman-Users] Rebuild mbox archives

Alain Kohli alain at eestec.ethz.ch
Tue Oct 23 08:29:31 EDT 2018


We are using mailman 2.1 and are preparing to migrate to mailman 3. We 
would like to also move the archives and as far as I understand it from 
the migration guide, you need the mbox file for that. The problem is, 
that on our current server we are somewhat restricted regarding disk 
space, which is why we truncated some of the mbox archives. The non-mbox 
archives, the ones you access from the webinterface, however, are still 
intact. My question is, whether we can either recreate the mbox files or 
if we can migrate the archives without them. If I understand it 
correctly, we should be able to cat all the archive files together into 
a new mbox file, but I'm not sure if that will break something.


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