[Mailman-Users] changing domains on Mailman implementation

Keith Seyffarth weif at weif.net
Thu Sep 20 16:28:08 EDT 2018

Okay, so it took me long enough to get back to this (like, a month shy
of three years...). I am sure this will be of use to someone, maybe even
me in the future, so I wanted to make sure it was publicly documented

Anyway, to change the domain of a mailing list, when both domains are
hosted on the same server and the server is running PLESK Onyx:

1) In the PLESK admin, make sure that mailing lists are enabled for the
domain you are moving the mailing list to. This will add the
add_virtualhost line for the new domain to the mm_cfg.py file.

2) Go into the PSA database and update the MailLists table to change the
dom_id for the mailing list you are moving to the id of the new
subscription. This will take some looking around, or you can temporarily
create a dummy mailing list on the new domain so you can see what its
dom_id is.

3) run
/usr/lib/mailman/bin/withlist  -l -r fix_url listname --urlhost=the.new.web.domain

4) run

5) In the PLESK admin, find the subscription you moved the mailing list
to, and go to Mail -> Mailing Lists
5)a) Click the name of the mailing list you just moved, uncheck the
"Switched On" checkbox, and click "OK."
5)b) Click on the name of the mailing list you just moved again, check
the "Switched On" checkbox, and click "OK."
This appears to reset the aliases and email addresses in the mail

6) Restart your mail server (i.e. Postfix). This can either be done from
the PLESK services management window or from the command line.

7) Restart mailman from the command line with:
systemctl restart mailman

8) If you created a temporary mailing list before step 2, you can delete
that temporary mailing list now.

The mailing list should now be running on the new domain, and receiving
and relaying emails correctly.


from my mac to yours...

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