[Mailman-Users] Malformed URLs for some admin web page links

Jeff Hunter jhunter at Paramounttech.solutions
Wed Apr 10 15:10:05 EDT 2019

I have a mailman list that is working correctly, except for some of the links on the base admin web page and it's child pages. The list is at listserv.mydomain.com and all of the links on the list admin page start with that base url, except the link "Go to list archives". That link drops the listserv. from the link (mydomain.com/......). Moving to the Membership Management page, the link "Click here to include the legend for this table." Drops the listserv off, each of the links on the alphabet letters to search for member names also drop the listserv, while the other links all have the listserv.mydomain.com base url.

Listserv.mydomain.com is a virtual domain, and the email host is just mydomain.com (not listserv.)

My mm_cfg.py has

# Required when setting any of its arguments.

Any idea how to get those malformed links to match the listserv.mydomain.com base URL?


Jeff Hunter

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