[Mailman-Users] Automatic subscription based on e-mail subject

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Fri Feb 1 09:05:29 EST 2019

I've been using Mailman on Debian for over a decade on dozens of projects. 
I've never contributed any code.  I've never said a word.  I just want to 
thank the team for spending thousands of hours creating a free program that 
does such an impressive job.    Thank you!    ~Vince

Vincent F. Heuser, Jr.
Hirsh and Heuser Attorneys
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Louisville,  KY 40220
(502) 458-5879
vheuser at hirshandheuser.com

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>> Perhaps I'm being a bit over dramatic, but it does, in my mind, describe
>> what you seem to be doing, You come in and say that the list software
>> isn't working the way you would prefer, but for this conversation,
>> everyone else needs to change how they use the list so you can
> > [...]
> You are being a bit over dramatic indeed. I don't pretend that everyone 
> else should change their ways. And I do look into the archives all the 
> time. That is what I am trying to optimise away. I just wish Mailman (or 
> whatever associated component) would help here, like other communication 
> platforms already do.
> Like I said, I cannot subscribe to every list I need to ask a question or 
> drop a bug report into. I just have not got enough time. I only go through 
> the mailing list hoops if something is really serious, or if something 
> really bugs me. Unsurprisingly, bureaucracy barriers do have a negative 
> effect on communication after all.
> And I do care. I am trying to understand what the problem is. I am trying 
> to convince you guys, because you write mailing list software. This 
> communication activity also counts as "work". If I find the time, I will 
> write it all up in my Wiki, so other people have a quick overview of what 
> the problem is. I am not the only one annoyed by this.
>> The expectation for a mailing list, is that someone with a question will
>> come and hopefully first browse through the archives (perhaps with a
> > [...]
> I have done that. Why do you assume or imply that I had not? I just didn't 
> find anything applicable.
>> To just barge in and do it 'their own way' is just being impolite.
> > [...]
> Would you rather I didn't post then? But like I said, I do look at the 
> archives later on. This is how I realised that you do have a message at 
> the top dated "April 2024". By the way, that is a bit embarrassing for a 
> mailing list for mailing list software. But manually looking at the 
> archives is just unnecessarily time consuming for me.
> As far as your mailing list is concerned, you can certainly say that users 
> should accommodate to the way you operate your mailing list. You can start 
> by stating your usage policy here, next to "Mailman Users":
> http://list.org/contact.html
> But I still think it is a strange way to treat your users. You know, the 
> people you write the software for. My claim is, that drives many people 
> away. What you consider "unpolite" often comes across as "unforgiving", 
> "unhelpful" or "out of touch with reality" on the other side. After all, 
> you are trying to load unnecessary burden on the shoulders of those users 
> willing to communicate.
> Not subscribing is in fact a quite common behaviour. For example, look for 
> "not subscribed" here:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/smartmontools/mailman/smartmontools-support/thread/9e4d58a79814d365ac99c8181eeb35bf@coraid.com/
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/04/msg00012.html
> > [...]
>> 'Mostly work' is often a problem. Computers need precise procedures, and
>> people tend to expect that they do things right.
> No need to be so strict. We face communication problems everyday. Mobile 
> phones fail. Letters get lost. Misunderstandings. Wrong addressee. Server 
> down. The lot. But things are still improving. Surely Mailman and the like 
> can do better!
>> It's a bit like asking why the city bus can't come right when I need it,
> Surely the smartphone app that tells you when the bus comes (or maybe 
> Google Maps) does not get it 100 % right either. But would you rather go 
> back to reading paper timetables from the official source?
> Regards,
>   rdiez
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