[Mailman-Users] Automatic subscription based on e-mail subject

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 2 16:24:20 EST 2019

On 2/2/19 12:47 PM, William Bagwell wrote:
> BTW do not see a "Keywords: header." but do see an X-Topics: FOO. With FOO: 
> also appearing in the Subject header. 

The X-Topics: FOO is because the post matched the FOO topic. A Keywords:
header if any is added by the poster with the intent that it will match
one or more topics.

I.e., A post will match the FOO topic if any of the FOO keywords/regexps
matches either the Subject: or Keywords: (if any) header or Subject: or
Keywords: psudo-headers at the beginning of the message body.

Perhaps one reason why Topics aren't more widely used is that prior to
Mailman 2.1.20 (31-Mar-2015), they didn't work as documented. This is
from the NEWS file for that release.

>     - The processing of Topics regular expressions has changed. Previously the
>       Topics regexp was compiled in verbose mode but not documented as such
>       which caused some confusion.  Also, the documentation indicated that
>       topic keywords could be entered one per line, but these entries were not
>       handled properly.  Topics regexps are now compiled in non-verbose mode
>       and multi-line entries are 'ored'.  Existing Topics regexps will be
>       converted when the list is updated so they will continue to work.

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