[Mailman-Users] User doesn't get added to mailinglist

Pascal Christen pascal.christen at hostpoint.ch
Thu Feb 14 06:38:30 EST 2019


On 08.02.19 16:02, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> You will find tarballs for all released versions at
> <https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailman/>.
> If you installed 2.1.29 from source, just download the version you want,
> unpack it, configure it with the same command you used for 2.1.29, and
> install it.
> If you installed 2.1.29 from a package, it depends on the package.
Ok I just downgraded and it was much better. Did a patch from 2.1.27 to
2.1.29 had impact on the performance? Because the performance of 2.1.27
is much better compared to 2.1.29 and that's mayeb the reason the users
don't get added because of slow performance and locking issue.

With 2.1.27 I had 2 of 100 Users that were not added. Witch 2.1.29 I
have ~30 of 100.

Greetings Pascal

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