[Mailman-Users] The last release from the GNU Mailman project (was: Handling Munged From Addresses)

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 3 12:26:18 EST 2020

On 3/3/20 6:47 AM, Jim Popovitch via Mailman-Users wrote:
> Can you share with me (us) the number and size, along with the industry
> or operations arena, of those people who are creating their own web UI.

I have no information about that.

> I honestly don't believe that there is that much interest for that
> outside of a handful of entities (Brian, CPanel, Canonical, and
> LinkedIn?).  I feel like if the interest was greater, we'd see more
> evidence of that in the Gitlab issue tracker and or on the MM3 lists.  
> Convince me that I'm wrong.

By the same reasoning, if there was real interest in porting the Mailman
2.1 code base to Python 3, we'd be seeing that too.

I'm not trying to convince you of anything. All I'm saying is what I've
said all along and that is that I believe that if you want a smaller,
easier to install Python 3 based Mailman, the best way to accomplish
that is to build a light weight, non-Django web UI that communicates
with Mailman 3 core via the REST API and, for Python at least, the
existing mailmanclient bindings.

If you believe some other way is better, that's fine. It doesn't matter
to me because I'm not doing it. I am willing and available to help
anyone such as Brian with implementation of an alternative to Postorius
to the extent that I can.

There are already alternatives to HyperKitty. There is the 'prototype'
archiver which archives messages in maildir format and also the ability
to archive to mail-archive.com and MHonArc. See

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