[Matplotlib-devel] MEP 29 Axes Refactor

OceanWolf juichenieder-nabb at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 5 17:16:06 CEST 2015

Dear matplotlibers,
Here I announce the creation of MEP29 to tidy up the Axes classes, and 
other classes that relate specifically to the Axes.

See https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/5029 which you can 
click through to 
to see the text itself.

This MEP outlines how I see the Axes class progressing and tbh I feel 
very excited about what I have written, allowing people to write all 
sorts of exotic Axes such as those that employ non-Euclidian geometry; 
and also allowing for us to add multiple x,y,z axes to a 3d plot to name 
but a few of the features this MEP will add.

Check out the MEP for more details, and please feel free to give 
comment.  I should also point out that while I know about the existence 
of non-Euclidian geometry, my background comes from ocean-physics, not 
mathematics, so I have no knowledge beyond that considered popular 

Also due to the complexity of the Axes classes at the moment, and how it 
spreads out into many files and beyond the core-matplotlib, I think this 
will take quite some time to implement, at the moment I just want to 
collate the most salient points into this MEP, I don't know how many 
features unknown to me exist, so help welcome, and then sort through, 
decide on a stratagy of how to split this up into more bitesized PRs and 
get going.


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