[Matplotlib-devel] matplotlib keeps installing it's own (older) numpy

Vincent Schut schut at sarvision.nl
Fri Sep 11 12:22:29 CEST 2015


I'm used to working with unstable versions for most of my numpy/scipy/etc stack (usually from git head). So I have installed numpy 1.11.0.dev0-3397fce, scipy 0.17.0.dev0-279ef0c, etc. I have extracted matplotlib from git, but when I build this ("python setup.py build", or even with "python setup.py develop --no-deps"), it keeps building it's own numpy 1.9.2 egg, look at this snippet of the output:

Installed /usr/local/src/matplotlib/.eggs/numpy-1.9.2-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools/dist.py:316: UserWarning: Module numpy was already imported from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/numpy/__init__.pyc, but /usr/local/src/matplotlib/.eggs/numpy-1.9.2-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg is being added to sys.path

Strange thing is, in the beginning matplotlib seems to happily recognize my numpy:

                  numpy: yes [version 1.11.0.dev0+3397fce]
               dateutil: yes [using dateutil version 2.4.2]
                   pytz: yes [using pytz version 2015.4]
                 cycler: yes [using cycler version 0.9.0]
                tornado: yes [using tornado version 4.2.1]
              pyparsing: yes [using pyparsing version 2.0.3]
                 libagg: yes [Requires patches that have not been merged
                         upstream. Using local copy.]
               freetype: yes [version 2.6.0]
                    png: yes [version 1.6.18]
                  qhull: yes [pkg-config information for 'qhull' could not be
                         found. Using local copy.]

However, it immediately starts building numpy 1.9.2 after that.

Having more than one version of numpy (or whatever python package) just messes up my system, I don't want several different versions of numpy to co-exist. Anything I can do to make matplotlib recognize and use my numpy from git?


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