[Matplotlib-devel] Matplotlib minutes 2016-01-04

Michael Droettboom mdroettboom at continuum.io
Mon Jan 4 16:12:55 EST 2016

In attendance: Thomas Caswell, Michael Droettboom, Eric Firing, Jens Nielsen

- 1.5.1rc1 is out. (yay)  We missed a lot of Python 3 bugs that crept into
the examples because we (a) don't build the docs on Py3 and (b) many
examples don't run in docs build.  Running backend_driver.py before
releases may help, as would running examples as smoke tests as part of
regular test suite (though dependencies for everything on Travis may be

- Image rewrite (#5718): The bboximage test is weird and should be sorted
out.  Image compositing should be performed *after* sorting for z-order so
the z-order between images and other artists isn't ignored.  Ben Root still
needs time to review C++ part.

- Dora will meet next week to discuss ideas for website/documentation

- The only major features for 2.1 are Traitlets and the GUI refactor
(merging of toolbar handling etc).  Possibly we may include a bunch of
Jupyter notebook-related changes in 2.1, and push Traitlets and GUI
refactor to 2.2.  There is concern that 2.1 is already too overloaded.

- 2.0 is nearing completion.  There are a bunch of small things, no obvious
large stuff on the horizon.  Anthony Lee's formatting and text offset work
will likely end up in 2.0.

- 2.0 will need a larger than normal rc cycle, with aggressive promotion
for testing and as many "easy" channels for installation as possible.

- More brainstorming about how to move #5674 forward were discussed, which
I plan to implement and move forward in the coming days.


Michael Droettboom
Continuum Analytics
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