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Jody Klymak jklymak at uvic.ca
Thu Feb 21 15:49:05 EST 2019

Hi Carsten,

Thanks a lot for the cool example, and interest in contributing to matplotlib.

The only matplotlib-part of this is drawing an ellipse, which we already have code for.  From what I can tell, the rest is data processing and application of statistics.  While we have historically had some data processing and statistics in the package, we are actively trying to remove as much of that as possible and leave it for numpy, scipy, pandas etc.  Given that, I don’t think matplotlib is the correct home for this functionality.  But perhaps I’ve misunderstood your proposal.  Its certainly possible that other libraries would find this very appropriate.  

Thanks,   Jody

> On 21 Feb 2019, at 12:40, Carsten Schelp <CSchelp at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> Quite some time ago I had to plot confidence ellipses for two-dimensional datasets.
> There was no out-of-the-box solution in the libraries I used, then.
> Also, all the solutions that I found when searching online seemed cumbersome or did not even work well.
> So I brewed my own. You can see the result of my effort in this blogpost here (python, using numpy and matplotlib):
> https://carstenschelp.github.io/2018/09/14/Plot_Confidence_Ellipse_001.html
> - along with an explanation how and why it works.
> If you guys think that this functionality might be useful within matplotlib, I would happily prepare this approach - pythonic-checks, tests and all - and send a patch or pull request.
> I consider the confidence ellipse a kind of "cousin" to the "scatter(...)" function. Maybe it is appropriate to place it next to "scatter" - but that is still to be discussed, I think.
> Do you think that a function to plot the confidence ellipse of a two-dimensional dataset should be part of matplotlib?
> I am curious to hear your opinion. If the answer is "yes" I will make time to get the existing code "matplotlib-ready". 
> (Sorry, I am posting this for the second time. First time, I sent an html message which messed up the readability in the list)
> Kind regards, Carsten
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Jody Klymak    

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