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Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 21 20:12:52 EST 2019

On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 12:59 PM Jody Klymak <jklymak at uvic.ca> wrote:

> Hi Carsten,
> From what I can tell, the rest is data processing and application of
> statistics.  While we have historically had some data processing and
> statistics in the package, we are actively trying to remove as much of that
> as possible and leave it for numpy, scipy, pandas etc.  Given that, I don’t
> think matplotlib is the correct home for this functionality.

Maybe statsmodels is though:


If it's not already there.

Also -- there is a bit of maybe-tricky MPL code in there with applying
transforms -- so it *may* make sense to add a utility to MPL to draw such



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