[Matplotlib-devel] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.6.2

Elliott Sales de Andrade quantum.analyst at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 01:29:08 EDT 2022

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of 3.6.2.

This is the second bug fix release of the 3.6.x series. Pre-built wheels 
are available for most major platforms, and can be installed using `pip 
install matplotlib==3.6.2`. Other packages may also be available 
already; please check with your preferred source.

We thank the 22 authors for the 86 pull requests that comprise the 3.6.2 

This release contains several bug-fixes and adjustments:

* Avoid mutating dictionaries passed to subplots
* Fix bbox_inches='tight' on a figure with constrained layout enabled
* Fix auto-scaling of ax.hist density with histtype='step'
* Fix compatibility with PySide6 6.4
* Fix evaluating colormaps on non-NumPy arrays
* Fix key reporting in pick events
* Fix thread check on PyPy 3.8
* Handle input to ax.bar that is all NaN
* Make rubber band more visible on Tk and Wx backends
* Restore (and warn on) seaborn styles in style.library
* Restore get_renderer function in deprecated tight_layout
* nb/webagg: Fix resize handle on WebKit browsers (e.g., Safari)

For further details, please see the Release notes for Matplotlib 3.6.2:
and the milestone on GitHub:

Additionally, there was no release announcement for 3.6.1. It contains 
several bug-fixes and adjustments:

* A warning is no longer raised when constrained layout explicitly 
disabled and tight layout is applied
* Add missing get_cmap method to ColormapRegistry
* Adding a colorbar on a ScalarMappable that is not attached to an Axes 
is now deprecated instead of raising a hard error
* Fix barplot being empty when first element is NaN
* Fix FigureManager.resize on GTK4
* Fix fill_between compatibility with NumPy 1.24 development version
* Fix hexbin with empty arrays and log scaling
* Fix resize_event deprecation warnings when creating figure on macOS
* Fix build in mingw
* Fix compatibility with PyCharm's interagg backend
* Fix crash on empty Text in PostScript backend
* Fix generic font families in SVG exports
* Fix horizontal colorbars with hatches
* Fix misplaced mathtext using eqnarray
* stackplot no longer changes the Axes cycler

This release is signed by my GPG key, which is also used to sign this 
email. The fingerprint is:
23CA B59E 3332 F94D 26BE F037 8D86 E7FA E5EB 0C10
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