[Matplotlib-devel] PyData Sprints: Call for Volunteers

Hannah story645 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 13:51:22 EST 2022

Hello foks, can you help us mentor for the PyData Global
<https://pydata.org/global2022/> sprints? You’re qualified if:

   - you’ve contributed before to us or any similar type project
   - can guide someone through the process of creating a PR
   - can help with getting the PR into mergeable shape

Commit rights helpful but not required and we’d be glad to see you if it’s
been a while.

The conference is virtual and the commitment is about 4 hours between Dec 1
and Dec 3. You’re welcome to do more or drop in to help out for a bit, but
we need official mentors to commit to the full time.

If you’d like to mentor, please add your name, github handle, discord
handle, short bio, and which times you’re available to the sign up sheet
Also feel free to add to the project info links!

You can find more info at this great guide
Melissa made. Melissa and I are taking care of coordination with the PyData
global organizing team.

PS: I'll be at PyData New York sprints tomorrow Nov 8th 10:00AM-2:00PM EST
and welcome co-mentors.
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