[Matplotlib-users] 3.0 upgrade

Srinivasa Rao srinivasrao.poladi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 23:05:17 EDT 2018

Thanks, Jody

I am not customizing spines or any other figure/axes/axis attributes. I am
plotting 3D data, for various combination of elevation and rotation
parameters, and adding title and legend for each of the axes(each
combination of elevation and rotation). Idea is to view the data from
different directions.

Regarding the figure size issue also, I am not specifying and dpi parameter,
but using default setup.

Encountered few issues with axes_grid1 toolkit functionality also with
version 3.0.0 compared to 2.2.2. Posted them in developer group. 

I just want to make sure that I am not making any mistake at my end, and if
they are real issues with version 3.0.0, let development team know about
them so that they can fix them at some point.

Thanks once again for your attention and prompt response.


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