[Matrix-SIG] ANN: PyDAS, the (Py)thon (D)ata (A)nalysis (S)ervant, version 0.1

Oliver Gathmann gathmann@scar.utoronto.ca
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:10:35 -0500 (EST)

This is to announce the avalability of the first public release of PyDAS,
the Python Data Analysis Servant.

Some time ago, this SIG indulged in the dream of, some day, having a
full-fledged statistical analysis environment written in Python. Although
the package I am announcing here is anything but full-fledged, I think
it can at least serve as a prototype of some sort and stimulate thoughts
on how the 'real thing' some day should look like.

The package comes with a faunistical data set to play with
(DB/Tables.shelf), a fact that has not (yet) found its way into the

What follows is the usual extract from the README file:


What is PyDAS?

PyDAS is a free program for interactive statistical analysis of data
written in Python, a free, high-level scripting language. The main
features of PyDAS are:

* data browsing, editing, and plotting routines based on typed data tables
  (similar to data frames used in S-Plus)
* specialized ordination and permutation procedures for statistical analysis
  of multivariate data;
* a built-in Python console for interactive access of additional
  user-written data analysis routines;
* a standardized set of high-level widgets for straightforward integration
  of user-written data analysis routines into the Graphical User
  Interface (GUI).

Which platforms does it run on?

All the software components used for PyDAS are known to run on Unix,
Windows, and Mac systems. However, the current version has only been
tested on Linux.

Who would want it?

* any experienced Python user looking for a convenient, GUI-assisted way
  of manipulating and plotting table-structured data;
* any scientist with unusual statistical data analysis needs and
  some programming literacy looking for a tool that handles data
  input/output and that allows efficient integration of self-written data
  analysis routines; 
* any teacher in scientific computing looking for a free interactive
  programming environment that extends a powerful, yet easy to learn
  language (Python) with a convenient set of data manipulation routines.

What is the current status of PyDAS?

The current version of PyDAS (0.1) is the first public release and has to be
considered as alpha code.

Where is it located?

The package and documentation are avalable at



Feedback very welcome,


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