[medusa] problems with Internet Explorer

ita.mis@e... ita.mis@e...
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 01:25:10 -0700


I've experienced a problem similar to the one reported by Amos Latteier
concerning IE.

I've a medusa installation on a linux box and I've written some scripts
to serve dynamic pages.
I use the script_handler and persistent scripts.

The test application is very simple. I just call a script for building
on the fly a home page and than, clicking on the submit button, I post
another request for building another form on the fly.

When I use Nescape Navigator, everything works fine, but with IE (I
user version 4.5 on a Macintosh) only the first call works. When I
press the submit button of the home form the browser reports a "sending
request" message on its status bar but nothing happens.
I have to stop the execution.

Has anyone experienced similar behaviour with persistent scripts using

Tasselli Marco