[medusa] Weird CGI problem.

Nicholas Henke henken@s...
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 14:14:39 -0400

Sam Rushing wrote:
> Is the second hit showing up on the same port number? It's possible
> that you're just seeing the log entry for the aborted connection.
Nope different port number It acutally looks like the script fails, and
then gets called again

> 'Broken Pipe' is the error you'll see whenever the connection is
> aborted by the browser side, which can happen if the user follows
> another link or hits the stop button before the page is finished
> loading.
Nothing doing...just waiting for execution

> Does the problem show up on every hit to the script, or just
> occasionally?
Every time...

Hope this helps narrow it down. I wouldnt worry about it too much
though, as I think I have found a solution. I have switched to using the
simple CGI and HTTP servers included in the python distibution

thanks again
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