[medusa] Weird CGI problem.

Sam Rushing rushing@n...
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 11:08:54 -0700 (PDT)

Nicholas Henke writes:
> There is a log message in the console window that medusa was
> started from that tells me there was an" error: uncaptured python
> exception, closing channel <http_channel connected
> at 8172ea0 channel#: 1 requests:1>
> (socket.error:(32, 'Broken pipe') [asynchat.py|handle_read|80]
> [http_server.py|recv|397] [asyncore.py|recv|293]) "

> There is a line after this message that indicated that the script
> is getting called again. The second time it gets called, it seems
> to work just fine. I know the script works just fine for Apache,
> but I have no idea on how to start debugging medusa to see what is
> happening? Any ideas?

Is the second hit showing up on the same port number? It's possible
that you're just seeing the log entry for the aborted connection.

'Broken Pipe' is the error you'll see whenever the connection is
aborted by the browser side, which can happen if the user follows
another link or hits the stop button before the page is finished

Does the problem show up on every hit to the script, or just