IPC between Medusa Modules?

weissblitz@y... weissblitz@y...
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 19:48:49 -0000

I'm developing a messaging/chat client/server application using 
Medusa for the server side. It is composed of HTTP, FTP, messaging, 
chat (IRC like), and a user manager to manage user profile 
information. I can have any number of these components running, some 
on different machines accross the network. These components 
need to connect to the user manager component for user authentication 
and profile information. What would be the most efficient way of IPC 
between the modules? Named pipes? Sockets? SOAP? RPC?

Also, whare can I get additional information on how to use the 
monitor server. I can connect to it and get the Python prompt but i 
would like to know what things I can do with this.

Thanks in advance,
Carlos :)

PS: Love Medusa! Thanks to all who put their time and effort into 
developing and improving Medusa. Keep up the good work.