[medusa] kill open port

ender kthangavelu@e...
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 19:24:29 -0800

>>But for some reason, the port on which I normally run it has now been left
>> open and I don't know how to close it. So I keep getting an 'Address
>> already in use' error every time I try to run the server.
>>How do I explicitly close a port that's been left open? and how did this
>> happen ?
>>It's been open for several days now and I don't know why because the chat
>> server is not running.

in your chat server after you create the socket (before you bind) you should 

else ths os won't let you reclaim, how long it won't depends on your os and 
your configuration. my linux box lets me do it after a couple of minutes, but 
its pretty depedent on your system.


kapil thangavelu