[medusa] Re: medusa and apache proxy -more info

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Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:46:16 -0700 (PDT)

Quoting Donovan Baarda <abo@m...>:

> Quoting rprice@u...:
> > With more testing we've found out that medusa works differenetly on
> > Solaris (sunOS5) and Linux (I'm using Mandrake 7.1) at least when
> > using the Linux telnet client:
> > 
> > On solaris using telnet the server closes the connection immediately
> > after the </HTML> when using HTTP/1.0. When using HTTP/1.1 it will
> > keep connected. Both as expected.
> > 
> > On linux the Medusa server will wait 30 seconds before closing the
> > session when using HTTP/1.0 and keeps the connection open much longer
> > using HTTP/1.1.
> The 30 sec delay sounds like the default medusa polling time on select.
Yes it is. I temporarily 'fixed' the problem like this:
asyncore.loop(timeout=.5) I just don't know how this well work when we have 100
concurrent users.

> I don't 
> know _why_ it would require another iteration through the loop for your 
> application, but is it possible you have readable/writeable status
> changing 
> around about the time you service the final push() for the connection.
> When the 
> delay happens, it might not be quite ready the select, so it is excluded
> until 
> the next iteration, when it gets selected immediately. Remember the 
> readable/writeable test is performed once per iteration through the
> loop, so if 
> something is not ready at the start of the loop, it will be excluded
> from the 
> select until the next iteration.
> I suspect that if you change your polling time from the default, you 
> can "adjust" the delay. Also, establishing another connection while one 
> is "delayed" will kick the select loop, causing the delay to end
> immediately. 
Yes, another user jumping on will immediately close the connection to the prior
user... if HTTP/1.0. Maybe I shoud increase the timeout to several seconds?

> Adjusting the poll time might be a quick fix, but I suspect you need to
> look at 
> your readable/writeable tests.
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