Streaming Data Socket Server

tshab@y... tshab@y...
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 04:10:55 -0000

I'm trying to consolidate two similar programs (one in C, one that 
uses National Instruments Datasockets -, and 
someone suggested Medusa.

Basically, I'm trying to collect data from multiple streaming socket 
producers, which will then be connected via the server switchboard to 
one or more socket consumers. Also, the channel of the currently 
connected consumers needs to be listed on a dynamically created web 
page. Right now, the protocol is almost non-existent, just an 's' 
for producers, or the channel number for consumers.

I looked at asynchat, because it has the nice channel handling, but I 
don't know how to get around the set_terminator issue (there is no 
delimiter on the data). 

So, any pointers would be appreciated on:

a. Mapping channels to multiple consumers
b. Handling streamed data in asynchat correctly
c. Dynamic web page generation (should I use one of the templating 

Finally, I'm hoping to extend this design in the future to support 
things such as encryption and compression of the streams. Would I be 
able to use producers on streams of data?

Thanks in advance for any advice.