Greg Stein gstein@microsoft.com
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:33:16 -0700

I'd support moving the db-sig to "inactive," although I do want to try
to find some time to update the DatabaseAPI document and actually
include a link to it from the db-sig page.

sigh... maybe I can manage to get to it this weekend.

Moving forward, if somebody *does* propose to keep db-sig active, then I
wouldn't be opposed to another "owner" as I don't think that my current
business/personal directions coincide with it any more...


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>Subject: 	Re: [PYTHON META-SIG] SIG cleanup?
>Re retirement of the progenv sig.  On one hand, it does not seem to be
>needed for any active, sustained collaborations.  On the other hand, it
>now provides a home (last changed in early september) for fred drake's
>parser module development.  If the progenv sig goes away, we should find
>another home for it - fred, any preferences, suggestions? 
>In general, i'm quite impressed with how useful some sigs have been, as
>channels for targeted collaboration, and feel the experiment is a
>distinct success.  I don't think we need to place too much burden
>on justifying the creation of a sig, as long as we keep vigilant about
>retiring ones that are no longer necessary.  Otherwise it'll be more
>difficult for people to find the active ones...
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