[mmgsoc] Status

Dushyant Bansal cs5070214 at cse.iitd.ac.in
Wed Jul 6 01:45:16 CEST 2011

I have finished the basic implementation of archiver UI using pylons 
framework and Storm ORM. Though it still requires some minor fixes, it 
1. conversation-list view
2. conversation page with indentation and quote hiding feature.

Code can be found at: http://code.launchpad.net/~dushyant37/+junk/ArchiverUI
Egg package: 
Other info: README.txt

It just requires a sqlite database file. But currently, the test 
database has not been generated from any list archives (mbox file), so, 
it is not good for demo purpose. That is also the reason I have not been 
able to test it thoroughly. Maybe in a couple of days, we can get that.

Overall, generating pages dynamically seems to be a better way to view 
archives. I would like to discuss some other issues before proceeding 

1. Performance: We need to look at the performance of the new archiver 
in order to improve it as well as to compare this approach of generating 
pages on the fly with the static one. Is there any specific way to go 
about it?
After that, performance gain can be achieved by proper use of caching 
which is offered by pylons and storm/sqlite.

2. Interaction with mailman: Right now, the interaction with mailman 
(archiver part) is through a sqlite database file. So, we just need to 
update the relevant database files on archiving a message through mailman.
     If we want to further separate out the archiver from mailman, we 
can use the methods used by mhonarc and mailarchive interfaces.

3. Search: I also plan to integrate search functionality(work done by 
Priya) for archives into this pylons project.

Please give your feedback.


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