[Moin-user] Changing the RecentChanges

MarvinGS MarvinGS at sternpost.de
Wed Oct 24 00:01:08 EDT 2001

The Users of my (moinmoin ;) Wiki asked me if i could slightly change the bahaviour of the RecentChanges. They would prefer not to only see the last editor of a page if he 
only corrected the formatting or spelling of somebody elses entry. I see two possible options and i would like to know your opinion on them...

Option 1: Possibility to mark changes a minor on a save.
The User could check a box saying that he only applied minor changes to the formatting or spelling. This save would then only show up in the Pages own History but not in 
the RecentChanges.

Option 2: Show all Editors of a page since last Bookmark (only for logged-in users)
Logged-in Users would then see a list of all Users that saved the page in a chronological list. (I'm not sure if single users should show up more than once yet) Thet could 
mess up the RecentChanges if the Bookmark ist relly old so maybe it should be limited to a certain time also.

I'd prefer Option 2 since it would not require the user to mark their changes as minor. What do you (especially Juergen ;) think?

Patrick Guenther alias MarvinGS

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