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Tim Bird tbird20d at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 06:54:03 EST 2002

--- Uldis Bojars <uldis.bojars at tietoenator.com> wrote:
> Hello Juergen and everybody,
> IMHO it would be usefull to be able to see TitleIndex without
> special
> purpose pages like Help... Hilfe... UserPref..., etc.
> It is possible to make such feature? (checkbox?)

Yes, it should be pretty easy to add an option for this.

And the feature would be pretty easy to implement.  Whenever
I download MoinMoin, one of the first things I do is change the
OrphanedPages macro to omit template pages.  I use lines like
the following, in macro/OrphanedPages.py:

    # remove template pages from orphan list
    for orphan in orphaned.keys():
        if not orphan or orphan.endswith("Template"):
            del orphaned[orphan]

You could use a similar technique to remove items from the
title index before outputing it (based on the value of an
option).  Another method I have used is to create an OmittedPages
page, with a listing of pages that I don't want listed as part
of results for things.  I did this for a wiki exporting utility,
but you could use the same technique for TitleIndex, or for
searching.  Basically OmittedPages just held a list of pages
that were excluded from results.

Regards and good luck,


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