[Moin-user] CVS log command without a workdirectory ?

frank.renaers at ikan.be frank.renaers at ikan.be
Tue Aug 26 07:27:02 EDT 2003


Is it possible to execute a 'cvs log' command when a workdirectory doesn't
yet exist ?
I am using the following command :
"E:\WinCvs 1.3\cvs" -d :ntserver:ikan102:/cvsrepo log -d">2003-08-25
10:05:23 GMT" -b myproject 

It's works when the command is executed from the current workdirectory.
But it fails when it's executed from another the directory.
Why does cvs need the workdirectory to execute the 'log' command.


Frank Renaers

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