[Moin-user] url Encoding problems

Tom Wiebe Lists lists at imagefoundation.com
Mon Jul 21 22:21:06 EDT 2003

Hi there,

I'm trying to get moin moin installed on OS X and having a problem with  
the links it's generating.

moin moin seems to be encoding the period (.) in it's urls like so:


instead of


I followed the instructions in the wiki to install, and have tried with  
the release version, the stable cvs version and the most recent (7/21)  
cvs version, all with the same effect.

The server is running mac os x 10.2.6 with the stock python on apache.  
I previously had it working on my old laptop, which I wiped and sold  
last week, with no problems and am a rank amateur with python, so I'm  
not sure where to look to fix it.

the archives are being untarred with tar, so I'm sure it's not any of  
the occaisional wierdness that stuffit brings to the table.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Tom Wiebe
We've missed the train to Oceania, and live today with stranger  
problems. - William Gibson

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