[Moin-user] External Editor on Mac OS X Server

Ellen Herzfeld xlii at xlii.org
Fri May 30 03:01:09 EDT 2003


I have configured the browser and edited the .zope-external-edit file 
to no avail. I'm afraid there must be more to it than that to get it 
to work on Mac OS X with a Mac editor such a BBEdit which is the one 
I would like to use.

If anyone finds a way to do this, please post it.


At 21:10 +0200 29.05.2003, Lele Gaifax wrote:
>  >>>>> Ellen Herzfeld l'ha dit:
>     Ellen> Hello, I am trying to use ExternalEdit on my MoinMoin (1.1)
>     Ellen> wiki installed on Mac OS X Server 10.2.
>     Ellen> When I click on the ExternalEdit_lele link which appears at
>     Ellen> the bottom of the page, all that happens is the download of
>     Ellen> the wiki page page in text format. Is something else
>     Ellen> supposed to happen?
>     Ellen> Of course I can then edit the page in whatever editor I
>     Ellen> choose but I then have to get the page back into the wiki.
>     Ellen> How is it supposed to work?
>the external editor action, with the help of a locally installed
>script, should effectively open a "tunnel" with your preferred editor,
>so that each time you save the document, the helper script will
>actually build up an HTTP request and send it back to the MoinMoin
>action that in turn will save the page.
>Your browser should be configured in such a way that when it receives
>a document with a content type like "application/x-moin-edit", it'd
>launch the helper app ("moineedit.py"): the latter will consult it's
>configuration file to find out which editor is most appropriate (keep
>in mind that the original work is Zope-centric, where each document
>may have it's own preferred editor).

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