[Moin-user] Ordered lists in 1.3.x

Paul Eggleton bluelightning at bluelightning.org
Fri Dec 17 00:35:01 EST 2004

Hi there,

I just upgraded a MoinMoin wiki from 1.2.3 to 1.3.1, and I notice the syntax 
for ordered lists has changed (items beyond the first must now be marked with 
"1." rather than "*"). This is a little annoying but I can work around this. 

However, what I have a real problem with is that in 1.2 it was possible to 
include extra line breaks and other formatting within elements and still have 
the numbering continue on correctly, but 1.3.1 does not allow this. For 

---------- snip ----------
 1. Firstly, do this:
some command
 1. Then do this:
another command
 '''Make sure xyz still works after this command runs.'''
 1. Finally, do that.
---------- snip ----------

This sort of thing worked very well for creating lists of instructions in 1.2, 
but in 1.3.1 you just get "1." for each item in the output instead of 
ascending numbers.

Is there any chance of this being fixed?


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