[Moin-user] MoinMoin and Google's PageRank (long)

Maciej Blizinski maciej.blizinski at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 14:50:02 EST 2004


I would like to share my thoughts and ask for comments. I am currently
setting up a MoinMoin powered website and I would like to optimize the
website in regard to positioning for certain phrase/keywords, taking
Google's PageRank[1] into consideration.

Let's say that my phrase is "yoga for pregnant women". I would like my
website to be high on Google when somebody enters this phrase. So I
set the Wiki name to "Yoga for Pregnant Women". Then, I want many
links to my website, from subpages or from external pages. Of course,
I would like the linked text to be my phrase, like this:

<a href="http://mywiki/">Yoga for Pregnant Women</a>

So I set up permanent link on NaviBar, that points to a subpage named
"Yoga for Pregnant Women". That's cool, every subpage contains link,
pointing the main page of my wiki, with linked text matchin my

There's one thing that I don't like about it. If my wiki's name and
the main page's name are the same, the main page's title looks like

Yoga for Pregnant Women - Yoga for Pregnant Women

I would like the main page's title to look more like this:

Some Welcome Text - Yoga for Pregnant Women

I can get it when the main page is named "Some Welcome Text". But I
don't want links from every subpage with "Some Welcome Text" as linked
text. So I figured out a solution. Links from subpages point to "Yoga
for Pregnant Women". The subpage of this name exists, but redirects to
"Some Welcome Text". This allows me to achieve two goals: have many
links to main page with "Yoga for Pregnant Women" as linked text and
to have "Some Welcome Text " as beginning of my title (it appears in
Google search in bold font). The only disadvantage is the message from
wiki: "Redirected from...", but I can live with that.

That's my story. I'd like to hear from you, if anybody tried such
techniques and maybe has some more tips for PageRank optimization in
MoinMoin wiki.

Best regards,
Maciej Bliziński

[1] http://www.google.com/technology/
Maciej Bliziński

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