[Moin-user] artificial page rank inflation, was: MoinMoin and Google's PageRank (long)

Philip Neustrom pneustrom at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 18 14:34:01 EST 2004

You are going to need to modify the code to get Moin
to function correctly for search engines.  As far as I
know, in 1.2.3 the only pages set to index are the
FrontPage and TitleIndex.  You'll need to edit
wikiaction.py so that when there's an action=  string
it will not index, and when there's no action string
(or the page is the 'create this page' page) that it
will index.  it is a tad bit of work, though -- but if
you spend the time doing this then your site will
index more naturally.

-philip neustrom

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